About The Artist

Born in New Liskeard, Ontario Keith traveled to Ottawa in 2008 to study Photography at Algonquin College. After graduating with honors in 2010, he returned home where he feels the most inspired to pursue his passion for photography & design.

A self-proclaimed nerd with an eye for detail, Keith uses photography as a creative outlet to express himself and show people how he views the world. Through humor and an interest in hearing people’s stories, he works with his clients to create lifelong snapshots of the moments that matter. Dedicated to raising awareness of mental health, and inspired to share his own struggles, he started the One Life project as a platform for people to share their own life stories.

With hopes of making a difference, he has volunteered his time with community initiatives that focus on building shelters, bridging gaps in mental health and addictions services and building inclusive communities.

When he's not behind the camera, he enjoys playing video games and spending quality time with his friends and family, especially his two young nieces, Trinity and Harmony.